26 נוב' 2014

Dana's Blog - Hiking in the Golan Heights, Part 1

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Just last weekend, the International School sponsored a short, weekend trip to go hiking an camping in the Golan Heights and Galilee Region. At first, I was unsure if I wanted to go because I am not the most athletic or outdoorsy person in the world, but I wanted to travel around and see as much of Israel as I could! I am so glad I actually did go because although it was difficult and tiresome, it was my favorite experience thus far while being abroad, and the most eye opening.
On the first day, we hiked along the Kziv Stream and focused a great deal on the Israeli nature. During our hike we found porcupine quills, holes dug by wild boars (which had us singing songs from the Lion King for a while), and beautiful trees that resembled maple trees which were native to Israel. The nature scenery was so beautiful, and it didn’t even feel like we were in Israel anymore; it was so filled with green space it felt like when I visited Washington state! About halfway through the hike, we stopped at a Crusader fortress that was along the trail, and we had to climb quite a ways up to get to the top, but it was such an amazing view!
We also got to have a once in a lifetime experience of walking into this incredibly narrow water cave, which was pitch black, but with flashlights we got to see fish that were in there, and just how far the cave went back. After going in, we were all soaked from the waist down but it was well worth it, and I wish I could have taken pictures of the cave! Shortly after the cave, we neared the end of the hiking trail, but to get back to the main road, we had to climb these extremely steep rocks and stairs, which took about a half hour. It was the hardest part of the hike that day and I had definitely never hiked this intensely before, but it was also where I took some of the best pictures of the trip, because we were basically overlooking the entire forest. Plus, there was a strategically placed ice cream truck parked at the end of the trail, so after the most strenuous and tiring part of the hike, we treated ourselves with ice cream!
After our long day’s journey (about 9km and 8 hours later), we arrived at our campsite where we stayed in a gigantic Bedouin tent. It was quite a fun evening where we all pitched in and helped cook dinner, even though we were all tired and hungry. We had a feast that night; everything from salad, to burgers, to rice and stir fry! We celebrated an excellent Shabbat dinner, where we talked about our long day, and our day of hiking yet to come.

Tune in to the next post to hear part 2 of my Golan Heights hiking adventure!

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