04 ינו' 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why Aroma is Better than Starbucks

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I am going to make a plea to Aroma now; please open a location in Minnesota, I would be forever grateful!! Seriously though, Aroma has been my second home here on campus, I am obsessed and I will miss this coffee shop so much when I go back home. In Minnesota, we are inundated with Starbucks or Caribou on every corner and there is just no comparison wit Aroma. Thus, in honor of my love for Aroma, here are my top five reasons Aroma is way better than Starbucks.

The chai latté is to die for!

Before I make a final decision on what I think about a coffee shop, I need to try their chai latté. Yes, coffee is amazing, but chai is my drink of choice! It is so creamy, delicious and has way less caffeine than espresso so I can drink it late at night. I honestly do not know what Aroma puts in their chai lattés to make them so delicious, but they are the best I’ve ever had. Just look at it! Who knows what heaven looks like but I think I have found it in this cup of warm perfection.

They give you free chocolate with your drink!

Besides my love of chai, chocolate is a close second so whenever I can get bonus chocolate, I take it! Their chocolate just melts in your mouth and when you combine it with your chai or coffee, it makes it even better. Plus, who wouldn’t always want a free piece of chocolate?!

Not only are the drinks delicious, THE FOOD IS AMAZING TOO!

For the first few weeks of being on campus, all I had tried were the coffee drinks from Aroma, but then one day, I got hungry studying for a test and I got the soup and bread. It was delicious! The bread tasted very fresh, and it was the perfect portion size for a lunch, while also not being extremely expensive. Besides the typical lunch food, I get the chocolate croissants about 3 days a week, and that is me limiting myself; they just go perfect with the chai latte! Plus, I know people who eat at Aroma nearly every day, so you guys sure know what you’re doing in the food department!

Even though it’s busy, Aroma the best place to study!

Some of you might find it odd that my favorite place to study on campus also happens to be one of the busiest, but it’s true! First of all, you can stay there for hours, and whenever you get thirsty, hungry, or need a caffeine pick me up, you have it all right there! Secondly, I study and focus better when there is hustle and bustle going on around me. It makes me feel this sense of urgency that I need to get all my homework done super quickly, and then if I finish early, I can reward myself with the

You can cool Aroma swag for pretty cheap!

Since I am leaving in a few weeks, I am constantly on the lookout for souvenirs to take back home with me to remind myself of Israel or things to give as gifts, and Aroma has the perfect items for coffee lovers! I have already bought a travel mug for myself, and for a friend, and I am planning on getting more. At Starbucks, you can get mugs and shirts and stuff too, but they are all so expensive. Here at Aroma, it is a steal for a reusable mug!

There are plenty more reasons why Aroma is better than Starbucks and why you should all love Aroma, but here are my top 5! As you can see, I spend a lot of my time and money there, but it is so worth it. In about a month, I will no longer get to go to Aroma so for now, I will cherish every last sip of Chai. 

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