11 ינו' 2015

My Favorite Courses at the University of Haifa!

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So far with this blog I have written many posts about the traveling I have done, all the things I have seen here in Israel, the events the International School hosts and a mixture of topics from my personal perspective. However, I noticed that I have never written about my classes here and which are my favorite! So without further ado, I will discuss how my courses are going (or went since they’re almost over!).
I am taking four courses here, so I will not bore you with discussing each one individually but I will focus on my favorites! My all-time favorite course I have taken thus far in my entire academic career, and obviously then my favorite one here, has to be “Terrorism and Responses”. I knew going into the class it would be interesting because it focuses on such a current topic where people have very different ideas and beliefs about it. In almost every class, we all end up debating a topic whether it’s privacy or torture or how to best combat terrorism and everyone has their own opinion and isn’t afraid to speak up. This is what makes it such a great course! The professor also is very good at pushing back on what we say, and getting us to see or think things in a different way, which is an extremely effective way for us to learn, while also making the class fun and thought-provoking. I have never questioned my beliefs or thoughts on a topic so much in a class before, and I think that is why I love it so much. I even tried looking for similar courses to this one back at home, but there aren’t many at the undergraduate level unfortunately.
My second favorite class is “Jewish Spiritual Practices”, and let me tell you, it is a very close second! In the course, we have a practice we focus on each week and then we read primary Jewish texts, like from the Bible, or Kabbalistic and Hasidic texts pertaining to that practice. For instance, we have covered prayer, dance, music, and mindful eating to name a few, and after discussing and analyzing the readings together, we actually get to practice what we were reading which is fascinating! Although the texts can be a little complicated, after discussing them with one another they make more sense, and the class is very practical, by focusing a lot on the practice itself. My favorite class we have had so far was the one about dancing, because we cleared out the entire classroom to make a dance floor, and we just got to dance our hearts out! We could just move however our body wanted us to move and to really feel the music and respond to it with our movements. It was definitely a de-stressor! I have learned an incredible amount about myself as well through this course, because we have to reflect each week on how we felt about the practice and what we gained from it. If you love learning about religion and want a non-typical type of class, then this is for you!
I wanted to write this blog to first, reflect on the amazing classes I have taken here and of course share that experience with others. But also, if there are any future International Students reading this, or even Israeli students that want to take some International School courses, I highly recommend these two! Because the semester is winding down, I am looking forward to my last few weeks of classes and will definitely cherish them, these two courses especially!

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