13 ינו' 2015

How to Make Finals Less Stressful

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I am in the midst of finals week right now and for many, including myself, it can be a very stressful time! It is a time filled with papers, tests, constant studying and still the weekly assignments. Plus, you usually still want to go out and hang out with your friends. Especially since I am going home this week, I really hope to finish all my assignments prior to leaving (a brave goal, but we’ll see if it happens), yet I wanted to make the most of my last week! Since I was getting pretty stressed out about all work I had to do and preparing to go home, I tried to think of what helps me cope with the stress of finals time and share it with you all!

For one, when I have a ton of assignments and tests to prepare for, I try to make a list of everything I need to accomplish and then make a timetable for when I will finish everything. It puts me at ease because by planning ahead of time, I know I will definitely complete all the assignments on time and it keeps me accountable, so I actively space out homework throughout the week. It is also incredibly fulfilling to check off each assignment on your list as you finish it! Even though this is the hardest for me to actually follow through on, it still helps in the beginning to make a plan.

Another thing I have found helpful to relieve stress is to do meditation! It sounds pretty obvious, but a lot of people don’t think to try meditation. When I am overly anxious, I look up a quick meditation text online, put on some light music and then perform the meditation practice. I actually learned many different meditations through my class Jewish Spiritual Practices so I will definitely use some of those this week! Even if you aren’t incredibly stressed out, meditation can just help you focus on whatever tasks you have to do and you can get them done faster!

Although semi similar to meditation, the final thing I enjoy doing to relieve stress is to do yoga. I almost prefer this to meditation, although it does usually take longer (20-60 minutes), since it is more active I think it can clear your mind even more. Doing a workout can also help release endorphins and negative thoughts, so it really opens up your mind. Plus, working out is always healthy, so even if it doesn’t particularly help you relieve some pressure, it’s still beneficial!

Since I will not be in Israel during most of the other student’s finals, I just wanted to wish everyone good luck! I hope that some of these ways I use to reduce stress work for you too and enjoy the rest of the semester!

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